Care By Design and Grow For Vets Partner to Help Veterans

By Kristin Kloc – Dec 9, 2015

The number of United States veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is at its highest rate in history. Two organizations have announced a partnership with one goal in mind — to help those veterans suffering from PTSD.

Care By Design, a California-based medical marijuana company and Grow For Vets, a national non-profit that provides veterans with medical marijuana, have begun a study researching the therapeutic effects of cannabis for treating PTSD. Their study will compare symptom reduction of PTSD in relation to cannabis dosage, as well as the cannabinoid profile, which is the ratio of CBD to THC. Ultimately, the study would serve as a guide for PTSD treatment using medical cannabis.

PTSD is said to affect over one million veterans. Michael Hayes, Director of CBD Guild, explained to Whaxy:

“PTSD is a heartbreaking disorder that’s believed to be a major contributor to the staggering number of veteran deaths each year from prescription drug overdoses and suicides.”

Healthcare for veterans is often limited, and treatments for PTSD are underwhelming. The 2014 American Legion survey revealed that 59 percent of veterans who seek treatment for PTSD experienced no improvement or have even worse symptoms after treatment.

“A growing body of research suggests that cannabis therapy can help those suffering with PTSD,” says Hayes. Cannabis therapy can help mitigate the hallmark symptoms of PTSD including impaired fear extinction, poor memory consolidation and chronic anxiety. Continues Hayes,

“We’re working with veterans and others with PTSD to learn if that’s the case, and to help them use cannabis in a medically appropriate way.”

Recognizing the potential researching cannabis for PTSD treatment, Roger Martin of Grow For Vets says,

“We partnered with Care By Design on this important project because they are at the forefront of the movement to make quality cannabis medicine available to patients in need.”

Care By Design and Grow For Vets are commencing recruitment for a 6-month research study immediately. Visit for more information on enrollment.

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