Nevada’s First Medical Cannabis Dispensary Opens

Leafly: By Lisa Rough

Nevada medical cannabis patients have been waiting with bated breath for the state’s first dispensary to debut, and after nearly two years, today it will finally open.

Silver State Relief in Sparks, Nevada, is opening its doors today to medical cannabis patients. In order to prepare, Silver State Relief sourced 200 plants from local authorization holders. The location’s sales will be limited for the first day, with only about 12-14 pounds of cannabis available and dozens of more strains on the horizon.

Nevada actually voted to approve medical marijuana in the year 2000 with 65 percent in favor, but the measure did not establish a system for the cultivation or distribution of cannabis. Up until now, authorized medical marijuana patients in Nevada had to grow their own cannabis – up to 12 plants per person.

Congratulations, Nevada! And for all of you thinking of taking a trip, Nevada is one of a select few states that accept out of state medical marijuana authorizations. Thinking about taking a trip down to the Vegas strip? There’s no time like the present!


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